ACCC Hardware

CTC Global ACCC Hardware uses high-strength, high-performance hardware components that offer fast, straight forward installation techniques that offer superior performance and longevity compared to conventional systems. CTC Global ACCC dead-ends and splices have been installed at over 675 project sites in more than 50 countries and have provided flawless performance without a single failure. Installations have ranged to sub-transmission voltage installations to EHV multi-bundled installations.

CTC Global ACCC Hardware Projects

CTC Global ACCC projects have included ocean crossings, river crossings, highly corrosive industrial areas, heavy ice zones, mountain and desert crossings. CTC Global manufactures internal hardware components (stainless steel) at its manufacturing center in Irvine, California. CTC Global internal components are then delivered to several manufacturing partners worldwide, Our manufacturing partners add additional components such as aluminum sleeves, jumper pads, oxidation inhibitor and other pieces and deliver complete hardware packages to our valuable customers, worldwide.

Beginning in 2003, CTC Global hardware components and completed systems have been thoroughly tested at several international laboratories following ASTM, IEC and other relevant standards. These tests include stress-strain testing, high-temperature cyclic and sustained load tests, short circuit tests and many others.

All hardware components and manufacturing partners are certified to the latest ISO standards. For more information please visit the Global ACCC Hardware Suppliers and Part Numbers Database or contact CTC Global for support.

CTC Global ACCC Hardware
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