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The ACCC® conductor’s composite core raises the performance bar

The hybrid carbon and glass fiber composite core of ACCC® is the core of the solution.  Composite materials were initially developed to increase the performance and reliability of military aircraft.  As composite materials have evolved, their use has expanded into other applications where high levels of performance and reliability are critical. Carbon fiber hybrids are now the material of choice for many high performance parts, including the entire airframe of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner Jet.

It is this sophisticated and highly-refined technology that enables the ACCC® to deliver twice the capacity of any conventional conductor of the same diameter and weight, while cutting line losses by 25-40% (under equal load conditions), reducing thermal sag, and providing exceptional resistance to cyclic load fatigue caused by vibration, temperature fluctuations, wind, ice, and other environmental conditions.

ACCC conductor’s hybrid carbon and glass fiber composite core

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