Quality Assurance

CTC Global certified to meet ISO 9001: 2015 standards

Quality you can depend on is a hugely important factor in our business. That’s why CTC Global ACCC® conductor is produced with the highest quality standards throughout the manufacturing process. We’ve integrated quality assurance into every operation, and our Irvine, California operations are certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards by NSF International Strategic Registrations.

CTC Global manufactures all ACCC products with complete traceability of material components, and every item is fully tested prior to leaving the factory. We ship every reel of completed composite core with a Certified Test Report that itemizes all the tests successfully completed and provides lot traceability.

All of our stranding sources are rigorously audited by our Quality Assurance organization, and must comply with ISO 9001:2015 standards. In order to be part of our supply chain, all stranding sources must gain a successful Quality Assurance audit report, and pass rigorous stranded conductor testing by both CTC Global and independent laboratories.

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Please follow along as Dr. Jim Senger walks you through our chemistry lab where the ACCC conductor’s resin sytem is tested and advanced.

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