ACCC® Conductor

Twice the capacity with less sag and reduced line losses

The ACCC® conductor’s hybrid carbon and glass fiber composite core offers many advantages compared to an all-aluminum or steel-reinforced conventional conductor. It offers twice the capacity while cutting line loss by 25-40% under equal load conditions. The combination of high tensile strength and low thermal sag enables longer spans, so new lines can be built with fewer structures. When you run the numbers on your project, you can see that this benefit alone means that using ACCC® can actually reduce your initial capital outlay

ACCC® conductor is available in a range of sizes most often used by global utilities. It’s stranded in several locations around the world in order to serve regional demand efficiently and cut logistics costs for our customers, worldwide.


Engineering Transmission Lines With High Capacity Low Sag ACCC Conductor (electronic copy)

ACCC® Brochure

ACCC ASTM Data Sheets Rev E

ACCC ULS ASTM Data Sheets Rev E

ACCC IEC Data Sheets Rev E

ACCC ULS IEC Data Sheets Rev E


ACCC® International WIR files

ACCC® ULS International WIR files


Overview of Training, Installation & Operating History of ACCC









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