ACCC® ULS Conductor

First deployed on a 1.4 kilometer lake crossing in Africa in 2013, The ACCC® ULS Conductor offers greater strength, a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and higher modulus of elasticity than the standard ACCC Conductor core. The ULS version has a higher carbon fiber content raising the tensile strength from 313 to 375 ksi. While the added strength can enable longer spans, the higher modulus and increased stiffness reduce sag and blow out during high wind conditions. Improved stiffness can also reduce sag under heavy ice load conditions.

The higher carbon fiber content also reduces the coefficient of thermal expansion from 1.6 x 10-6 /°C to 0.75 x 10-6 /°C.

While dozens of engineers have specified ACCC® ULS Conductor for projects, worldwide, the ULS version of the ACCC Conductor has served our clients well. The ACCC ULS Conductor is available in many sizes and offers designers added design flexibility.

The ACCC® ULS Conductor can be ordered with Type 1350-O fully annealed aluminum or as an AZR version with Aluminum-Zirconium thermal resistant alloy for even higher overall conductor strength.


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ENEL Completes 138 kV ACCC® Conductor Upgrade

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