ACCC Composite Core

CTC Global’s ACCC composite core consists of high-strength carbon and glass fibers embedded in a toughened thermoset epoxy resin matrix. The composite core is manufactured to aerospace quality specifications using a continuous pultrusion process developed by highly skilled pultrusion experts. The ACCC conductor’s composite core offers a strength to weight ratio approximately six times better than steel, with a coefficient of thermal expansion about ten times lower. The composite core is also impervious to corrosion and cyclic load fatigue. CTC Global ACCC conductor cores are currently available in 320 and 375 ksi tensile strengths. The higher strength version – referred to as ULS – also offers a higher modulus to accommodate longer spans and extreme ice loads. For comparison, extra high strength steel is rated at 285 ksi, but is approximately 70 percent heavier than the ACCC composite core.


ACCC Composite Core production

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